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Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body. Adipose tissue, or fat, was recently discovered to be the largest store of adult stem cells in the body. Our technology will allow physicians to extract, purify and stimulate one’s own stem cells in a same-day clinic-based procedure that can be used for the prevention or treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.


Traditional methods for processing techniques can take hours – if not days – to obtain viable stem cells for therapeutic applications. Our disc design ensures that multiple samples can be processed at once, reducing the time needed to obtain viable stem cells to less than 10 minutes. The unique microfluidic channeling system allows for improved activation of these stem cells for a quick and efficient procedure that can be achieved in the outpatient setting.


Eliminating harsh chemicals and enzymes from our approach ensures that the tissue is being processed with no adverse effects to the stem cells. This patent-pending technology is designed for autologous use, where the tissue is extracted from and reinjected into the same patient in a matter of minutes. This eliminates any risk for immune rejection which is known to occur in pooling methods of stem cell therapeutics.


Current approaches for adipose stem cell transplantation include multiday procedures that require separate procedures and extensive culturing of the stem cells in a laboratory setting. Our competitors have developed same-day approaches to fat stem cell harvesting, but these methods are expensive, require hours of processing time, and involve the use of harsh chemicals and enzymes. Following extraction from the patient, our system allows the provider to process fat tissue within 10-minutes and immediately deploy the stem cells to the affected area. Our solution minimizes stress on the patient, reduces procedure costs, and creates a simple procedure for physicians.

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