The Syntrfuge™ system is designed to used mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue. These “adult stem cells” are not to be confused with embyonic stem cells which are strictly regulated by the FDA. Adult stem cells reside in nearly every organ in the body and are activated by the body during times of need.

Embryonic stem cells, on the other hand, are derived from human embryos making their use extremely controversial.

What is the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do adult stem cells work?

Adult stem cells are found in nearly every tissue of the human body and are activated in response to injury or inflammation to begin the repair process. Mesenchymal stem cells are thought to work by differentiating into various tissue types, but more commonly, by secreting a host of growth factors that stimulate native tissue repair. Unfortunately as we age, the regenerative power of our body declines and our stem cells become less active. The Syntrfuge™ technology is specifically designed to reactivate stem cells, no matter their age.

How are these stem cells obtained?

Stem cells are harvested and deployed during the same procedure. Our patients undergo a minimally-invasive liposuction type procedure by a board certified surgeon. The fat removal procedure lasts approximately twenty minutes. The fat is then processed using our Syntrfuge™ platform in less than 10 minutes and then redeployed to restore healthy tissue. The amount of tissue extracted depends on the targeted area of regeneration.

How does Syntr ensure sterility of the processed the stem cells?

The stem cells will be harvested under sterile conditions and processed in our closed system platform that is pre-sterilized and tested to ensure that it is pathogen-free. The Syntrfuge™ chips are manufactured in a sterile environment, individually wrapped, and designed for one-time use.

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