Benefits of Fat Tissue

Fat has a unique structure and supportive property. Our technology allows physicians to concentrate and transfer adipose tissue to various surgical procedures such as plastic surgery in order to provide structure and support when aesthetic body contouring is desired. This procedure is considered homologous use.

Benefits of Fat Tissue
Benefits of Fat Tissue

Traditional methods for processing techniques can take hours, is strenuous on the hands, and discards a large volume of useful tissue. Our Syntrfuge design encompasses a novel rotor system which ensures that multiple samples can be processed at once, reducing the time needed to the fat tissue to less than 5 minutes. Our unique consumable system allows for improved microfragmentation of fat tissue. With this output the fat can easily pass through a 27G needle. 


Current clinics on the market today ignore the safety aspect of tissue processing. The FDA has released many guidances and rulings on how to use fat tissue. Syntr Health Technologies eliminates using harsh chemicals and enzymes from our approach. Our device allows us to stay true to “minimal manipulation” as we do not exceed the current FDA laws. This patented technology is designed for autologous use, where the tissue is extracted from and reinjected into the same patient in a matter of minutes. This decreases many risk that are currently seen by unapproved treatments.


Our competitors have developed same-day approaches to fat harvesting, but these methods are expensive, require hours of processing time, waste of a large volume of fat tissue, and in some if not most cases involve the use of harsh chemicals and enzymes which is considered a Drug by the FDA.

Same-day Treatment

With the SyntrFuge™ system, clinicians will harvest the fat tissue from the patient. Using our medical grade biocompatible system, the provider will be able to process the fat tissue within 5-minutes and immediately transfer (graft) the microfragmented fat tissue to the affected area. Our solution minimizes stress on the patient, reduces procedure costs, and creates a simple procedure for physicians.