About Us

At Syntr, we are champions for people around the world who are struggling with diabetes, especially diabetic foot ulcers.

Focusing on a Significant Unmet Medical Need

Diabetic Foot Ulcers, is a morbidity that more than 30 Million people suffer with in the United states alone. For diabetics, a foot ulcer can lead to a 30% chance of an amputation; and once amputated there is a 80% mortality rate. This poses a significant medical and economic burden for patients, communities and healthcare systems, that costs upward to couple hundred-thousand dollars per patient, per year.

Current treatments, skin substitutes and basic wound treatment, do not meet the need to heal diabetic foot ulcers, and only provide a bandaid for this debilitating problem. Syntr Health Technologies focus is to provide a solution for treating diabetic foot ulcers by utilizing the body’s regenerative properties to treat this crippling disease.

Innovation and Collaboration Will Lead to Breakthrough Progress

This unmet need drives our innovation, which is a mix of internal knowledge, years of dedicated research, combined with strong collaborations with the University of California Irvine and Center for Tissue Engineering at the UCI Medical Center, patients, doctors, and supplemented by licensing.

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